How to download YouTube videos Fast in 2020

download YouTube videosDownload YouTube videos in 2020









How to download YouTube videos with TubeMate

TubeMate is the most popular tool for downloading youtube videos on your device. It is effortless to use if you do not know the latest gadgets and tools. Now I will tell you complete about the TubeMate its features and comprehensive guide on how to use it.

1. Install TubeMate

The TubeMate Youtube video downloader is not available on the Google Play store because it does not authorize youtube video downloads. So you have to download a third-party tool to download video, and This Software is the best choice for it. We have given the link you can download it from here.

If you face problem to download and install, make sure you allow your device to download and install apps from other places. If Not, you can do this by click on settings go to security and check the box where it says ‘unknown sources’ and that it.


2. Choose a video to download

Once you click on the above link it will start downloading Apk. After download, opens it and tap on Install. After installation begins the app, it requires permission to allow them and the app launch. TubeMate is very similar to the YouTube official Android App, but it has only one difference, which is it has a black background. Choose a video you want to play after searching for it. To download this video Tap on the Red Download button, this is at the bottom right side of the video.


3. Download the video

Now you see the list of formats. You can download it in audio and video formats. You can choose a high resolution or low resolution according to your choice, but if you select high quality, the size of the file is also increased. When you choose your desired quality, now you tap on the red download button, and the video starts downloading.

Downloading is start on the background, and you can use your phone as usual. If you have a 4g connection, you can add a youtube video to a queue to download them later on wifi.


Youtube video downloader

You download youtube video to watch on the go if you have no data connection. You watch your youtube video on the plane, train or car without worrying that you are consuming your data connection.

It is very easy to download YouTube videos and you can do it for free. You can download it to your device or desktop it’s your choice.


Is downloading YouTube videos legal?

It’s against YouTube terms of service to download youtube videos using third party apps. You only stream videos from its servers. Youtube offer some services to download the videos. In this guide I am going to explain complete information about how to download youtube videos in various devices.


4K Video Downloader

To download video on your window pc you need an app and 4k video downloader is the best option to download youtube videos. It has many features like it can download complete playlist on your pc. Now I can tell you the whole process how to use this app.


1. Copy and paste the video URL

First of all download the 4k video downloader. We have provided the link for your ease. After download complete open the app. Now open the browser and open the youtube type your video name in search bar of youtube. Your video comes up now copy the URL of the video and go back to 4k video downloader. Click on the ‘Paste Link’ button. Software gets the information about the video and gives you different options according to the quality.

2. Choose the quality

4k video downloader gives you choice whether you download video or you can download audio only. Choose the option according to your requirement from drop down menu on the left and select the format on the right side. We recommend the Mp4 to download for videos because it give you good quality and low space at the same time.

Choose the best quality according to your device. If you are going to play this video on TV or pc we suggest you to download it on high quality and also keep in mind that if you select high resolution the file size is also increase. You can check whether which format consume how much space on the left side.

You can also select where you want to save your video on your deice by selecting ‘Browse’ button at the end. Once you select everything according to your requirement tap on the ‘Download’







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